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Okonomiyaki, again

Today, I went to one of my classmates’s apartment because he requested me to make Okonomiyaki.
And he made Korean fried rice. It was very delicious.
And then, we talked various things about each other’s.
Of course, I talked about my marriage or why we broke up. He said I experienced lots of hard things and I had better have forgotten about my bad memories.

I don’t think so.

I have been experienced a lot through various situations though these were very good experience for me because I was able to learn about various things. As my moral, ‘We can learn about various things from some mistakes, and then, we can realize that self mind, people’s mind or how to be success through making some mistakes or some failures. So, these are very good opportunities, you do not need to be scare about making a mistake’. ... I guess.
Don’t you think so?

That is why, I am called ‘Counselor’ from classmates and teacher.
My role seems not to be changed even if country is changed.

Anyway, he is my best friend in my class, but he is going back to Korea in 2 weeks.

I will miss him.

Some time ago, when I went to outside, a Spanish guy told me ‘ You are really beautiful. Are you busy tonight? Give me your #?’  At first, I talked a little with him, but he was really persistently, so I told him ‘I am not interesting you!! Go away!!’ He has gone away.  I managed to knock out him. lol


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